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360000 €

Maria Mixailidou Fish Farming

  • Предложение № 35911
  • Добавлено: 25.02.2021 г.
  • Окончание публикации: 25.02.2023 г.
  • Автор: Anastasia Sidiropoulou
  • Телефон: 00306941606706
  • Организационно-правовая форма:
    Общество с ограниченной ответственностью
  • Причина продажи бизнеса:
    Бизнес создавался с целью продажи
  • Стоимость: 360 000 €
    Стоимость в:  рублях  
Maria Mixailidou Fish Farming

Подробная информация о бизнесе

- Non-operational aquaculture business consisting of the land of 5 hectares and 3 ponds based in Kavala, Greece.

- The 3 ponds on sale are close to the sea.

- The land belongs to the municipality. This is a great opportunity with low annual rent of approx. 7, 000 EUR and lease agreements which are valid till 2050. The owner always has the first say on whether he wants to renew the lease at a low of fee.

- Licenses currently allow the production of 120 tones of fish, with the ability to extend to 240 tones with the addition of liquid oxygen facilities.

- Fish ponds are directly connected to the sea, giving the fish opportunity to feed free-range, therefore producing a stock of excellent quality.

- Ponds are also connected to a warm water source, which stabilizes temperatures in both hot and cold weather, allowing for fish farming all year round.

- Licenses, environmental studies, and land contracts are currently active and the business is therefore easily transferable.

- The original owner established this business 24 years ago. The business was inherited by his three children, and it was subsequently acquired by us 6 years ago, due to poor relations between them, with the purpose of reselling.

- In the past there was production of sea bass, sea bream, sharpsnout seabream and white seabream.

Greece is a great country to do business in, as our business also receives subsidies of approx. 50% from the EU on any needed equipment and business tax has recently gone down by 4%.

Be your own boss by taking over an existing business than starting a new business. Our business presents a great opportunity and has huge potential.

Investments in Greece over 250, 000 EUR from non-EU countries earn you a 'Golden Visa', a renewable residency permit of 5 years.

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